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I can tell you that I have been my own boss since high school and have enjoyed every minute of it!

That I started my own printing shop Pacific Printing in 1984 (Named after my High School) and ran it for over 15 years before selling it at the right time to make the most profit from the sale.

Following that, I purchased a used 40-foot MCI Greyhound Bus. In the driveway of my home, I transformed it into a 40-foot luxury motorhome conversion with Oak and Ashwood interior along with everything else, all completed by myself. Wow! that was a learning project…

After completing the motorhome, I traveled across the USA, visiting and reconnecting with my family I had not seen in a very long time. During my travels, I lived for a few months in places like Las Vegas, Colorado, New Jersey (Relatives), New York, Canada, Florida, New Orleans, Texas, then back to California, San Diego, where I lived for quite some time before landing back in Yucaipa where I’m located now.

I sold the bus to a very nice guy that now uses it to travel the Nascar Circuit, selling his very own degreaser to racecar companies if you see a big Bus parked in the middle of Daytona with a bunch of people eating BBQ and enjoying the races that might just be him.

Still having a business passion, I started Doctor Micro, computer services, and structured cabling with a buddy and his business. We together would fill places like the Cabazon Outlet Mall, Wachovia Banks, Washington Mutual, etc., with Miles of Cat5 computer cable and bunches of computers and printers.

After my friend passed away early in life, I decided I wanted a change, and seeing as I was already building websites for myself, friends, and some of my old clients from my printing days to switch over Doctor Micro from a hardware type of business to a more virtual business you see today.

I enjoy working with other business owners, learning about their businesses, and finding new ways to help them make the most out of this new thing called the Internet, Web, or Online. Whatever you like to call it. Maybe even teaching them some new tricks along the way to get more sales and make their businesses better!

Michael Storzieri

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