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Does this story sound familiar?

You decided your business would do better if it were online, so you created a website yourself or had one built, but it didn’t do anything but sit there gathering digital dust.

Or you’re all over Social Media but aren’t getting any sales from it, so you hire a social media manager to do your marketing, and still, no conversions.

Maybe you hired a high-priced Agency Team with a Shiny Office to do it all for you, but they came up short for your Small Business, leaving you with shattered hopes…

Why have I told you all of this?

To let you know it happens to people just like you every day and it drives me NUTS!

Because you can HAVE A BETTER BUSINESS online doing what you started to do in the first place… Make More Sales!

Let’s see if we can work together to get your business online the RIGHT WAY without wasting more time and money.

Be Unstoppable With Our 4 Step process!

How We Help You Succeed…



We start by building the engine for your online success, a fast, flexible, mobile-friendly website representing your business brand and vision online. A website that is easy to update with content like blogs, videos and audio, pictures, and more. Engaging your website visitors is a significant part of earning the trust and credibility of the search engines, ultimately bringing higher search results where people are looking, which results in more leads.


Ideal Audience

Now that you have leads coming to your website, you need to let them know you have what they are looking for and why they should get it from you. What makes you different than your competitors. You need the right content that appeals to the right people while repelling those you don’t want. Compelling and relevant content helps make you the easy choice.


Nurture Leads

Did you know that most people who visit a website leave without doing anything but looking around and leaving, off to the next website and doing the same thing. If you don’t want to be like those websites, that’s where “Lead Nurturing” comes in. We use creative ways to get the visitor to give us their information so we can keep in contact with them using email reminders and other methods so they return and purchase from you.



It can be a simple phone number to make a call to start the process or something more complex as having them fill out an online form to get an estimate. We like using a booking calendar to set up a time to call or video chat with our prospects to discuss their needs and see if we can work together. You can also think of a shopping cart as a way to onboard a new customer; they select a product, fill out their information, and pay. After that, they get a confirmation email and receipt.


Don’t Just Take My Word For It

I met Mike at a BNI meeting years ago when I had just paid another company $2600. to build us an unusable website. He said he could help, and he did. He built our website in less than two weeks, and it was fantastic. Our prospects could now fill out an online quote form and view our work in a gallery on our new website. Later we added his online marketing service, saving us over $300. per month from what we were doing in phonebook ads alone.
Asking Mike for help is one of the best things
we have done for our business!
Alan Williams
President, Mallory Construction
Focus! Your Future likes and highly recommends Mike for your social media and email needs. He does the work for you and takes the time to explain and show you how to work with your website and social media.
The website he built for me is Amazing; check it out.
Mike is an honest businessman that knows what you need and how to get it done.
Connect with him.
Randy Allen
President, CSNK Construction
Professional all the way. Mike has helped me in so many ways with my business over the years. He comes up with ways to promote me using the website he built for me and social media. He has created graphics for my business that I use online and with my printing offline as well. He shot the video you see on my home page to promote my books and converted and edited the audios of radio interviews used on my sites worldwide.
If you are looking for someone you can trust to get the job done, it’s Mike at Doctor Micro.
Jennie Hernandez
President, 7Stars
After working with another website design company and getting nowhere, I started looking for somebody that could build a functioning Training and eCommerce website for me.
I ran into someone who had worked with Mike at Doctor Micro and said he knows what he’s doing and can get you a site built quickly at a reasonable price.
I called Mike and met with him over coffee and explained what I needed and what had happened with the other place I had tried and where they came up short.
He promptly gave me an estimate and explained what he would do, and the rest is history. I now have the site I wanted, and it makes it easy for visitors to purchase and book my classes on Barbequing.
I’m thrilled with the work he has done for me and I recommend him to anyone needing a website.
Dan Hancock
President, Long Horn Pit BBQ
I worked with another website company that took months to build a website that STILL could not be launched because of bugs. Frustrated, I searched for “website designer near me,” and Doctor Micro popped up. Mike met with me that week, and we talked over coffee, I explained what I needed, and he got me an estimate. He simplified the process and presented a webpage to me within a week. It took a lot of stress off of me. He just took care of it. The website is a special kind of directory site that took some custom coding to get it the way I needed it – and also allows my clients to purchase using a credit card.
Mike simplified the process, lowering my stress and building a functional website while providing a lot of insight into leveraging technology to maximize results.
I’m very grateful to have found Doctor Micro.
Andy Pietrobono
President, Dental Lab Solutions
This company is the best Web Design company I’ve found in southern California. When I needed a website, it was next to impossible to know what kind of web Designer it is. I got ripped off by two other companies for over $6,000, and they both looked like legit companies. I was reluctant to contact Doctor Micro, but when I called, they were pleasant and helpful. I took another chance, but this time with a smaller company. Mike was informative and thorough in his approach, and I felt comfortable with him. He had the site completed within a week and worked faster than I could get him my information to go on the site. It was my first site, and I wanted to blog so, he took his time for free to explain how to use the site’s back end. He also created an app for my website that works great for driving traffic to my blog. He keeps up with the site and its needs. They are both functional, and if I have any trouble with my site, I can call him, and he will quickly resolve the issue. He keeps awesome security up to date, and I’ve been able to grow my site audience so well that I’ve hired him to create a membership site for me with his awesome service.
With Mike at Doctor Micro, it is no muss, no fuss. He is flexible, thorough, and easy to work with.
Summer Song

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